“Provided quick communication and reasonable quote compared to others who took longer to respond. Had a few issues with the installation of my EV vehicle charger (due to me buying the wrong unit), but Cory was transparent and offered good solutions to still have the installation done, which turned out great. Would definitely call these guys again!”

-Alex M. (via Yelp) 8/12/2018

“Thank you Cory for your excellent service. I appreciate your professionalism. We scheduled an appointment time for 9:00 am and you arrived at 8:45 right on time. I really appreciated your honesty and to take the time to make sure everything was safe and fixed properly.....I definitely recommend Cory to any family or friends. I am definitely one pleased customer, Thank you again!”

-Candi D (via Yelp) 3/12/2018

“I needed a ceiling fan replaced with a light fixture. Additionally, the fixture had to be assembled. Corey responded to my request with a very reasonable quote. They arrived on time and took time to ensure my furniture and flooring would not be damaged while they worked. They removed the ceiling fan and disassembled it for storage, assembled/ installed the new light and cleaned up the area with a broom and dustpan. Their work exceeded my expectations. I recommend them for any electrical repairs or installation.”

-Geraly O. (via Yelp) 1/27/2018

“Eon Electric does a great job. I used Cory to run power for my studio years ago and I've used him a few times since then. He's quick, reliable, honest and his prices are great. I had lost power yesterday on Halloween after Eon's work hours. I could have called some random guy but it was worth waiting for EON. He came over first thing, Sussed it out and fixed the problem. I highly recommend EON!”

-Frank R. (via Yelp) 11/1/2017

"I had some electrical work done with a timer for my front lights. I was smelling smoke and Cory was able to determine the problem and solve it within a short period of time. I am very impressed. I feel that Cory is a very knowledgable and honest electrician. The prices are good and I would highly recommend this company."

-Nick S. (via Yelp) 4/16/2015

"One of a few real good electricians. Works fast. Did in 2 hours what took my last electrician 6 hours. Worth every dollar"

-Leslie E. (via Yelp) 2/4/2015

"Great work! Very fair price and will not hesitate to use eon again for future electrical projects at home. And he is a long beach local, we have to take care of our own."

-Dave L. (via Yelp)   6/3/2013

"This review is a little late but better late than never. We needed 3 ceiling fans installed and Cory showed up on time and went to work. He discovered some really sketchy electrical work in 2 of our 3 rooms and fixed it. We needed drywall work done after fixing the electrical and he gave us a great referral for a general contractor (too bad that company doesnt have a yelp account, they were excellent!). Cory came back to finish installing the fans after the drywall work was done and found some pieces missing in the fan kit (ugh) but he went out and found the pieces and had the fans installed within a few hours. He worked quickly and cleanly, showed up as promised and gave us a very reasonable price. Highly recommended."

-Abigail H. (via Yelp)  9/7/2013

"My first Yelp Review. I had to write one because I was so impressed by the service at Eon Electric. The switch for the light in my bathroom had stopped working, and after screwing and unscrewing the overhead bulbs so they wouldn't overheat, the light fixture over the sink ended up falling out of the wall. I called Eon Electric first thing in the morning and left a voicemail. Cory promptly returned my call only moments later. After discussing the issue, we tried to find a time that worked with his schedule and mine to make the appointment. He ended up coming an hour later and was in and out within 30 minutes. Everything is back up and running. And the price was great! Excellent, excellent service!"

-Caitlin B. (via Yelp)  2/6/2014

"I appreciate ALL that Cory did for me. I had 3 ceiling fans needing to be installed.  I got a quote and the job ended up taking A LOT more time then expected.  There were many road blocks and bumps, but Cory took it all with a grain of salt and got the JOB DONE!  Also gave me referrals to finish the drywall and paint.  Thank you thank you for your cool head, kindness, and honesty.  VERY RARE these days!!!  =)  "

-Crystal B. (via Yelp)  5/3/2013

"Eon Electric came and fixed a breaker in my panel that was shorting out.  They arrived quickly and their service is affordable.  I would highly recommend their service and will be holding on to their number."

-Melissa M. (via Yelp)  2/27/2013

"Cory was great. Extremely professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and proficient. He was even kind enough to meet me at Lowe's to help me pick out the materials I needed for a few separate light-fixture installations.  He gets the job done quickly and thoroughly - absolutely zero complaints. And his prices are honest and reasonable. Highly recommended for any & all electrician needs."

-Sophia H. (via Yelp)  2/12/2013

"As with most newly flipped homes, I moved into one where everything was done fast and cheap, including the electrical work. I hired Eon Electric to replace the old circuit breakers that were still in the breaker box. They were very thorough and fair with their prices, and a pleasure to work with. When other electrical issues come up I will definitely hire Eon Electric to solve them!"

-E. Lawlee (via Google+)  1/20/2014

 "EON Electric was a great experience! Cory was able to wire my kitchen for a new install, setup new switches for multiple options, AND get it done in a very tight timeframe that I requested last second. As I continue to re-model my house, I will use EON Electric for all my electrical needs!"

-Ryan J. (via Google+)   3/13/2013